Ellen Stapleton Art


In Antoni Gaudi's 

Casa Batllo

In 2012 Ellen was invited to exhibit her artwork at the Barcelona Showcase International Art Exhibition in Antoni Gaudi's architectural masterpiece Casa Batllo.

"Ellen's artwork stood out, giving a positive vibe and a colourful display which complimented Gaudi's Casa Batllo building beautifully. Visitors were instantly attracted to her work and she received a lot of great feedback. It came to no surprise that Curators selected Ellen from over 150 talented international artists as the proud winner of the Barcelona Showcase Best Artist Award." -GAA

With this astounding achievement Ellen was honoured to be invited to return to Barcelona to exhibit her artwork for a second and third time in the iconic Casa Batllo building at Barcelona Showcase 2013 and 2014, again both extremely successful exhibitions.

Announced as one of world’s top emerging art events Barcelona Showcase features contemporary fine art by selected international artists showcased in Antoni Gaudi’s world famous Casa Batllo building in the heart of vibrant Barcelona. This one-day pop-up art exhibition features works from top emerging contemporary Artists & Galleries from all over the globe with over 3600 visitors, a record breaking number of visitors.


At New Orleans Mardi Gras Parade

In 2012 Ellen was invited to take part in a very exciting pop up billboard exhibition for the New Orleans Mardi Gras festival.

A curated selection of 20 international artist from Italy, Spain, Australia, The UK, Sweden, USA and more exhibited their artwork on giant billboards flanking the major Mardi Gras parade route.

Billboard space used normally for advertising became a feature of contemporary art with a diverse range of techniques enhancing the city's unique cityscape with even more color during the most festive time of the year.

Running alongside the billboard show was an exhibition of the artist's original works at Gallery Orange based in the heart of the French quarter, with a exhibition launch event and a Mardi Gras style party.

At The Brisbane Powerhouse




In The London Underground

In both 2010 and 2011 Ellen was selected to showcase her artwork to a audience of thousands of commuters in the London Underground as part of the 'Art Below' exhibitions.

Large high quality prints of her artworks were displayed at Baker Street Station and Old Street Station each for a period of two weeks.

Art Below creates a public gallery in London's most iconic underground stations, using billboard space to display the work of top emerging and highly acclaimed international artists; 'Turning Ad Space Into Art Space'.

Art Below's mission: To enrich the everyday lives of the traveling public by giving fresh insight into the very latest in contemporary art.

Art Below has played host to a rich and diverse portfolio of talent including Banksy, Alison Jackson, Paul Fryer, Mat Collishaw, Antony Micallef, Charming Baker, Billy Childish, Ben Eine, and Max Hattler. 


The Global Art Agency's first ever "Oxford International Art Fair" held 2014 was a huge success. Nearly 4000 people visited the art fair. Many sales were made and a huge amount of excellent press reviews were received including a feature on BBC Two's 'The Culture Show'. 

Ellen's skateboard comission for 'The Artboards' was exhibited alongside Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, Vincent van Gogh's Self Portrait and Sunflowers and Nini Martini's contemporary Artboards.

The event started with an opening preview on Friday night, featuring music and live painting sessions and continued over the weekend. All of the artwork shown was available to buy, giving Art Collectors and Art Enthusiast a rare opportunity to buy directly from the artist - some travelling from as far as Japan, Russia and India to exhibit their artwork at the Oxford International Art Fair in the stunning Oxford Town Hall, a jewel at the heart of the historic city of Oxford. 

In de Oude Kerk

In 2012 Ellen was invited to exhibit her art at Amsterdam Showcase in the iconic 'de Oude Kerk' (Amsterdam's famous historical church).

Two-hundred of the most talented artists and art galleries exhibited a wide variety of styles and high quality contemporary art pieces  for Amsterdam Showcase 2012. 

Artists traveled from as far as Japan, USA, The UK, China, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, and even from Australia to exhibit, show and sell their amazing works at this exclusive art event. 

This one-day event in the heart of vibrant Amsterdam attracted over 2500 visitors giving the art-loving crowd in the Netherlands (and rest of Europe) the opportunity to meet World’s most amazing and top emerging artists. 

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